Legacy Construction

 Timber Frame Packages

Timber framing is an old-world form of construction  that incorporates large timbers into structural works of art. A frame is created using complex mortise and tenon joinery, coupled with structural and decorative braces,  held in place by wooden pegs.  Modern insulation practices and updated design capabilities make this the preferred choice for those who want to visually appreciate seeing the structure of their home from the inside out . 


Complete Custom Homes

Why a Build a LEGACY?  Legacy Construction is chosen by those looking for a collaborative effort that coordinates the best architects, tradesmen and craftsmen in the business.  We  deliver a one of a kind home that represents who you are, and helps you to live your best life. We enjoy partnering with clients  to build homes that  complement the natural beauty that surrounds us  in the Pacific Northwest.  

Timber Trusses And Accents

Timber Frame Truss packages offer the opportunity to add Timber frame elements to specific locations in your home .  They can put the 'Great' in great rooms, the 'Grand' in grand entries and add a 'Wow' factor to any room or exterior elevation .